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  • How much does a session cost?
    The cost per session is $80 per dog. This includes the pick up and drop off service with our custom built dog bus.
  • Can my dog come for a half day?
    Due to the way our daycare is structured with the drop off and pick ups with our Dog Bus we don't offer the option for shorter days. All dogs need to be collected and returned to one of our many bus stop options across Adelaide. The dogs do have the opportunity to rest and most dogs will slow down by the afternoon with many laying down for a nap. Puppies less than 6 months of age get a seperate nap break to allow them to recharge their batteries and rest their little legs. If you have any concerns about how your dog will go for their first session we can have a chat when we call you to book your dog in once we receive an enrolment form for your dog.
  • Can I drop off/pick up my dog from the Farm?
    No we do not offer drop off or pick up directly from the farm. Since our team are on the road with the Dog Bus there is no one available when owners arrive.
  • Do you offer different days for different sized dogs?
    No we don’t. We believe that all dogs should socialise with dogs of all sizes and personalities and what better environment to do so with trained supervisors.
  • Does my dog need to be de-sexed?
    Requirements contained in the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 (SA) and its regulations mean that as of 1 July 2018, it is in most instances compulsory to desex your dog by the age of 6 months. The exception to this law is for registered showing and/or breeding dogs or with a letter of exemption from your vet regarding delayed de-sexing. If your dog falls under these exceptions please let us know and we can check if we have an availability for an 'entire' dog on your preferred day.
  • What’s the youngest age you take puppies from?
    We take puppies from 16 weeks of age once they have been fully vaccinated. The earlier puppies start with us the bigger positive impact we can have on their confidence and socialisation. If your puppy isn't yet 16wks feel free to still get in contact with us so we can have everything prepared once they're ready to go.
  • Do you offer a discount for multiple dogs in one booking?
    No we do not. We believe that our quality and service does not diminish when more than one dog in the household joins us for daycare therefore our prices should reflect that.
  • Can I come see they dog play area before my dog’s first session?
    Due to local council restrictions we cannot accept visitors to the farm. We do however post lots of photos and videos of both the dog play space and dog bus on our Instagram and Facebook pages for you to check out and if you have any queries we are more than happy to have a chat.
  • Where are you located?
    We are located in the Adelaide Hills, 35 minutes from the bottom of the freeway in a town called Kanmantoo. We are 10 minutes from Nairne and less than 20 minutes from Mount Barker.
  • How are the dogs transported in the bus?
    Our bus is fitted with custom built dogs crates. Each crate has their own bed so the dogs are safe and secure during the drive to and from the farm.
  • My dog has never been in a crate, will they be okay?
    Most dogs who join us on the farm have never used a crate before. They can be understandably nervous on their first day with it all being a new experience (or some are super excited) but we will help your dog into the bus and once they arrive at the farm and have a great first day they will start to develop a positive and exciting connection to the bus which will make their next time hoping into the bus even easier!
  • What vaccinations does my dog need to attend?
    Your dog will need to be up to date with their C5 vaccination to attend Jame Farm Days.
  • Do the dogs all get along?
    There is no such thing as perfect but overall, yes they do! Something to remember is that "socialisation" with dogs isn't about all the dogs being best friends, it's about the dogs co-existing and being comfortable around each other. Most dogs have one or a few 'close/best friends' who they share similar play patterns with and spend more time with. What makes a big difference at Jame Farm Days is that we are an outdoor doggy daycare. Where we could fit 10,000 people in our 10 acre space according to those Covid-19 4 sqm rule we have a maximum of 30 dogs! This allow the dogs to occupy themselves with some seriously fun activities!
  • What do you do when it’s raining or really hot?
    We have a weather policy to ensure the dogs and our team are safe and well cared for. If the temperature is 33 degrees Celsius or above or the fire danger rating is deemed ‘Catastrophic’ daycare will be cancelled. If there is a forecast for extreme rain, wind or other unpleasant weather the daycare session will be cancelled. We also have 2 large shelters in the Jame Farm Day space for the dogs to rest and retreat under. Any cancellations will be communicated via text with the owners of dogs booked in that day.
  • Why do I have to keep up flea/worming?
    Prevention is key for both humans and dogs. It is recommended that your dog be on a prevention plan for fleas, worms and heartworm on a regular basis. As you can imagine if your dog is also socialising with a high amount of dogs this is even more important. Being an outdoor doggy daycare your dog is exposed to all things natural, including farm or wildlife poo, sadly a favourite to most dogs...
  • Why does my dog need to wear a plain/old collar to daycare?
    All dogs are required to wear a collar when attending Jame Farm Days. We only allow a flat collar, no check chains, martingale, harnesses etc will be accepted. We ask that you send your dog in a plain/old collar as your dog will most likely come home dirtier from water, slobber, and dirt. Sometimes having a seperate collar for Jame Farm Days can help with any disappointment if a collar is damaged during play.
  • Can I send my dog with some food?
    We don't allow meal breaks at Jame Farm Days. If your puppy/dog requires lunch we recommend skipping that meal on daycare days or increasing their other meals for the day.
  • Do you do overnight stays?
    No we do not take dogs for overnight care and only offer our daycare service.
  • Why does my dog need to be regularly groomed to attend daycare?
    Being an outdoor doggy daycare your dog will enjoy the perks of being out in nature. This includes water, dirt (and mud!) as well as grass and possibly prickles. Although we endeavour to keep your dog 'clean-ish' we ultimately want them to have fun and this can often result in getting dirty. If your dog has a coat type that requires grooming or additional maintenance we ask that you regularly keep up with the grooming routine to ensure your pooch comes home happy and healthy from a big day at Jame Fame Days. It is important for all owners no matter what the breed to check your dog over after their day at the Jame Farm to ensure they haven't brought too much nature home! A simple massage or pat should achieve this.
  • How do the FitBarks work?
    We have 3 Fitbark monitors on the farm. They track the dogs movement much like a Fitbit on humans and it shows how many kilometres a dog has covered during a day on the farm. Each day we select different dogs who have the Fitbark monitors and share the results on social media. If your dog has their own personal Fitbark monitor you can join our pack by following the instructions in the Fitbark highlight on our Instagram page.

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