About Us

Jame Pet is a family run business with almost 20 years of both veterinary and retail animal experience between Kobi and Teagan Jame.


Our passion for healthy, happy pets has driven us to start Jame Pet where we not only provide fun filled Jame Farm Days for the dogs of Adelaide but we also offer a wide range of toys, food games and Australian made natural treats sealed in compostable packaging for delivery Australia wide.

We have a team of furry kids who live their best life on the Jame Farm. We have a Kelpie trio with Keith being the oldest and wisest, Marley is our middle child and the newest addition and Levi is the baby. All of our pups are rescue dogs.

The Jame family is very environmentally conscious, not only is our treat packaging compostable but our home is completely off grid! 

We rely on solar power and batteries and rainwater with no access to mains power or water!

We also have seasonal veggie patches and over 20 fruit trees.


A day on the Farm

The Jame Farm is located just 35 minutes from the toll gate in South Australia. We are blessed with 84 beautiful acres near the country town of Nairne. We have a custom built dog play space of around 10 acres, with fun activities to keep the pups entertained and ready to come home tired from a big day at the Jame Farm.

The best way to describe Jame Farm Days is an 'outdoor doggy daycare'. Dogs thrive in nature (we've all seen those cute videos of dogs carrying around a giant stick on social media, they love it!).

Allowing dogs to experience an ever changing natural environment on top of the many benefits socially, mentally and physically makes for a very happy pooch.

We're always thinking of different ways to entertain and enrich the Jame Farm Dogs. On top of exploring, fetch, water play and making lots of new friends some other activities we include are tyre roll, agility course and running with the bike or go kart!

All about the "Dogbus"

At Jame Farm Days we want all the dogs of Adelaide to experience the fun of the Jame Farm so our service includes a pick up and drop off service to locations across the Adelaide Hills and Metropolitan Adelaide.

Whether it be on your way to work, the school run or around the corner from your house we've got multiple locations and times.

We have a custom built 'Dog Bus' with beautifully handcrafted crates and plush bedding keeping all the dogs happy, safe and secure during the drive to and from the Jame Farm.

Another great feature of the Dog Bus is that it has dual air-conditioning that flows from the back all the way to the front of the bus keeping the Jame Farm Dogs cool, especially after a big day of running around and playing.

For locations and pick up/drop off times please click the link below.

If we don't have a location that is convenient for you yet please complete a contact form with your details and desired location as our locations are based on quantity and demand.