Beef Pizzle Dog Treats – Thin to Medium Thickness – Short


Our Standard Beef Pizzle dog treats are all natural and made from 100% Australian beef (steer). All of our treats contain absolutely no additives, therefore making them a more delicious and healthier treat for your dog.


This thin to medium thickness variety are ideal for small to medium dogs. Larger dogs may prefer the thicker sized pizzle treats (bully sticks) for a longer lasting snack.


They are also very low in fat at around 5%, and also high in protein, vitamins and nutrients making the Standard Beef Pizzle an excellent dental chew -Winning!


What is Beef Pizzle for dogs?

Beef Pizzle (a thinner version of Bully Sticks) come from the penis of the Steer. (Standard pizzle is Steer and thick pizzle (bully stick is Bull) They are one of our most popular dental chew treats and will help your dog has strong pearly whites.


The pizzles are around 15cm in length give or take a few. However, please note sizes and colour can vary depending on the size and breed used by different suppliers.


Pizzle is safe to chew on and can be fully consumed by your dog.


The difference between Steer and Bull:

Steer are castrated male bovines, they are castrated when they are young before they can develop the bulls larger characteristics. Whereas Bulls are not castrated allowing them to grow to the full potential growth of a Bull for reproduction purposes. This is the difference between our Standard pizzle (steer) and thick bully stick (bull). Although some pizzle might not be as thick as the rest in a thick bag, they still come from the bull and weigh more than the standard (steer) pizzle so there are not as many to the KG in comparison to there being around 60 (give or take) pizzle in the standard bag whereas in the thick bag there can be around 25 (give or take). Please keep in mind that natural products do vary and we can not change the outcome of a natural product.

Beef Pizzle Standard - Short