Bully Sticks Thick 15cm are made from 100% natural, Australian beef. No additives, such as preservatives or sweeteners. These particular Bully treats are thick and short which makes them suited for medium and large dogs to keep them entertained.

This particular size of Bully Stick is one of our most popular dog treats! Due to it’s thickness and length it’s a favourite of all sized dogs. Small dogs can chew on them for hours of endless Bully Stick happiness.

They are rich in protein and low in fat for a lean, delicious dental treat. They’re also a great dental aid and support healthy gums and teeth keeping your dog’s mouth extra clean.

What are Australian Bully Sticks for dogs? These are bulls penis!

We always use 100% Australian beef penis and never substitute with imported products. Only the best for your dog!

Please note that size and colour may vary due to the size and breed of the cattle used. Bully Sticks are safe for your dog to chew and can be fully consumed.

Bully Stick Thick 15cm