The Pipewrench is a tough chew toy made from the proprietary PetSmart nylon material. Designed for heavy chewers.


  • This toy is built to withstand even the strongest of power chewers.


  • One size fits all dogs!


  • Veterinarian Approved (in the USA where the products are made)


  • Dishwasher safe - please use top shelf, or wash with warm soapy water.


  • 30 day replacement guarantee*


  • Biodegradable, sustainable and non-toxic natural material


  • Designed to be tantalising and fun, keeping your dog entertained and active


  • Made in the USA


21.6cm long weighs 120grams. For dogs 7-36kg.


* Valid 1 per customer only within 30 days of the purchase date or shipping date. Just get the size recommended for your dog. Destroyed means the toy no longer functions as it was intended to. Chew marks or damage including small chunks on the toy does not mean the toy is destroyed.

Nylon Pipe Wrench