Have you ever caught the bus yourself? Well think of the Dog Bus as the same thing with Jame Farm Days as the destination. We have 20 bus stops across Adelaide so we can reach as many pups as possible.

We'll meet you and your dog at the bus stop in the morning, help them into their custom built crate and drive them and all their friends to the farm for a day of fun.

We leave it up to the dogs to lead the way throughout the day and show us what makes them happiest. This could include stretching their legs and running around our 10 acre play space, jumping into the pool, running around in the sprinklers, playing with their friends, following their nose, finding sticks and toys and so much more.

By the afternoon most dogs start to slow down and most will stop for a nap or at least a rest. If they're too excited to stop for a nap we may see some horizontal playing instead!

Once it's time to go home all the dogs come back to the bus and one by one we help them back into their crates. As you can imagine they all sleep on the bus ride home. We meet you back at the bus stop in the evening so you can take a tired and most likely dirty dog home to sleep the night (and most likely next day) away.


Farm Birthdays

We know you love to spoil your dogs, who doesn't!? And Farm Birthdays are perfect for celebrating your dogs special day. We've teamed up with local Adelaide based bakery White Tail Dog Patisserie.

Jade is an absolute artist with these beautiful cakes and is taking doggy cakes to the next level with her incredible vision.

We have 3 cake options for Farm Birthdays. The Chocolate Dreams Cake, The Cookie Cake and The Doughnut Stack, all featured below with some gorgeous pups.

Simply contact us to organise your dogs birthday cake and we'll do the rest. We'll organise the collection of the cake from White Tail Dog Patisserie so it's at the Farm ready for your dogs special day. Your dog will have a photo shoot and video with their cake on the Farm Truck deck and get a piece of their cake before sharing some with their friends later in the day. We need a minimum of a week's notice to organise your dogs cake.

The cost per cake including photos & video:

- Chocolate Dreams Cake $55

- Cookie Cake $50

-Doughnut Stack $45

Farm Birthdays

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birthday here

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organise all the party details !


Meet The Team

Teagan & Kobi Jame are passionate about providing dogs with their best life.

With over 20 years of combined animal experience this husband and wife team started this business out of both a love of seeing dogs enjoy daycare in a different environment and a need to see daycare done differently to the 'norm' for the dogs of Adelaide.

Many say Brianna & Steph have the best job ever spending their days out with dogs.

These two girls adore the dogs who join us on the farm and can often be caught cuddling up or giving a personal massage to one of the dogs.

You can rest easy knowing your dogs are in the care of Brianna & Steph.