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Dog Wash

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Bath & Towel Dry (please note your dog may not be completely dry at pick up). We use warm water and a natural shampoo. Prices are per size, dog coat and how well your dog responds to the bathing process. The first time your dog receives a farm wash we will determine the right pricing bracket your dog falls into and any additional charges will be added if the original price bracket was not correct. Pricing Guides: Small Dog (up to 10kg): Short Hair - From $30 Long Hair - From $35 Medium Dog (10-25kg): Short Hair - From $35 Long Hair - From $40 Large Dog (25-40kg): Short Hair - From $40 Long Hair - From $45 Giant Dog (40kg+): Short Hair - From $45 Long Hair - From $50 Please note these charges are a guide only. Once we wash your dog we will determine the timing and ease of the wash to provide a more accurate price guide for future washes. We understand that dogs not only come in different shapes and sizes but also coat type and length and these variations can alter the pricing of your dogs wash. Some dogs are clipped during certain months of the year which would speed up the washing process so we will change the pricing accordingly for your dog.

  • Starting from $30

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations need to be communicated via email to by 10am the day before your dogs session for a credit to be applied. If a cancellation is made after this time no credit can be given. If you miss the bus no credit can be given.

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