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The Pet Dreamhouse SPIN Bougainvillea Feeder is a slow-feeding & interactive puzzle game for dogs featuring a spinning flower-shaped top in the center that hides kibble and treats. The spinner can be removed and flipped over to reveal extra compartments in the petals.


Swap out your dogs everyday food bowl for this fun SPIN Bougainvillea Feeder!

This slow-feeding bowl and interactive dog game features a rotating center shaped like a flower that hides food under its petals for your pet to find. You can remove the spinner and simply flip it over to reveal the separate compartments in the petals to store extra snacks and goodies for your dog.

If your dog is prone to eating their food too quickly which can lead to bloating, bad digestion or vomiting, trying out the SPIN Bougainvillea Feeder or one of our other low-feeding products could help pace your pet’s eating.



  • Interactive slow feeder food bowl for dogs with flower-shaped spinner in the center
  • Interchangeable spinner hides treats/kibble in bowl below and can be removed and flipped over
  • Spinner hides kibble under petals to encourage your dog to rotate the flower and find the hidden food - an interactive way to eat and entertain!
  • Rotating top can be removed and flipped over to reveal compartments in each petal to add extra treats, water, broth, kibble and more for your dog to enjoy
  • Helps your pet eat at a healthy, slower pace to prevent choking, bloating, regurgitating, etc., and improve overall digestion and eating habits
  • Anti-skid rings on the bottom of the bowl to keep it in place
  • Food-grade ABS plastic material free of PVC and BPAs and is recyclable for eco-friendly use
  • Dishwasher safe to 70 degrees (top shelf only)
  • Beginner-level slow-feeding puzzle game for all dogs


Colour: Orange/White

Dimensions: Approx. 25cm x 9.2cm 

SPIN Interactive Adjustable Slow Feeder Bowl - Flower

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